About The CNP

What are cloud native applications? How can you leverage cloud computing to build applications that scale, are fault tolerant, and are cost effective? These are questions many engineers, developers, and programmers are trying to figure out.

On the Cloud Native Podcast these are questions we aim to help answer by talking about technologies and how you use them.

The Cloud Native Podcast is by developers for developers.

About The Hosts

Matt Farina

Matt is a Principal Engineer and Technical Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He is an author, speaker, and regular contributor to open source. Matt has been developing software for over 25 years. You can find him online at @mattfarina and mattfarina.com.

Matt Butcher

Matt is a core contributor to Helm at Deis. He is the author of several books on programming and technology, and is a frequent open source contributor. Matt holds a Ph.D. in philosophy, and has taught both Philosophy and Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago. You can find him online at @technosophos and technosophos.com.

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If you’re interested in contacting the CNP, please email cnp [at] innovatingtomorrow [dot] net.

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